2015-08-11_1559Halo Aviation, an aerial photography business based in Eugene, Oregon gained FAA 333 approval for commercial use of UAV/Drone technology.

Local Lane County pilot and aerial photographer Scot Joiner is one of only eight individuals or businesses in the state of Oregon to be approved by the FAA for the commercial operational use of drones. Businesses or individuals who pilot drones for commercial use without FAA approval are subject to fines.

Joiner, a commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilot, started Halo Aviation to give home- and land owners an accurate geographic perspective of their properties. The highly sophisticated UAV technology, along with a wireless connection, allows the drone operator and the customer to see everything the UAV camera is recording in real time. This ensures that the operator stays on target to what they are shooting for the most accurate birds-eye views of various land and properties.

Halo provides accurate and safe aerial photography and videography (including thermal imaging) for news/media, real estate agents, farming/agriculture, development surveyors, flight instructors and bridge inspectors. The company has also been involved in and is available for various public safety projects throughout Oregon. Recently, Halo Aviation assisted in a man hunt with state and local law enforcement officers near Creswell.

Joiner says that drone technology is not only a more accurate form of aerial photography, but also the safest option when performed by a certified UAV operator. Joiner hopes to help the general public understand the benefits of drone technology when performed by an FAA approved professional, as well as the dangers of working with uncertified and often uninsured hobbyists.

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