Our Story

our storyHalo Aviation was founded by owner Scot Joiner, a commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilot, as well as an air frame and power plant mechanic. He holds two degrees; one in Aircraft Engineering and the other in Aerodynamics. With his engineering mind, Scot is always thinking about how he can improve or invent new technology.

Scot was teaching aerial and ground robotics at a local school, when he started looking into a career change. He knew that he needed to do something that involved his love of aviation. One night during a conversation with his wife Jennie, the idea of using his UAVs for hire was born. It made perfect sense because Scot was already approved by the FAA as a licensed commercial pilot and knew all the laws and regulations that allow him to fly safely and legally. He would also be able to put all of his experience in aircraft maintenance into the UAV/drones.

Halo Aviation started in 1987 with Scot’s first helicopter flight. He had a camera and took photographs for a customer. The purpose of the flight was to give the customer a geographic perspective of the property and where to position the construction of their next warehouse. This flight inspired him to further his interest in aerial photography.

Halo Aviation is now run by Scot and UAV Technician, Haven Tamasaka, one of Scot’s former aerial students. Haven lives in Eugene, Oregon with his girlfriend and daughter. He has a love of aviation and flying. Under Scot’s direction, Haven has learned how to be a master assistant with any UAV project.