Did you know that Halo manufactures UAV devices? Our intelligent and savvy engineers create custom aluminum UAV drones for agricultural and roof maintenance uses.

We know it can be difficult for agriculture workers to access various crops that need water or pest-management solutions. Our custom aluminum UAV drones are built to hold water and other solutions, that when flown to the optimum location, can be sprayed onto various crops.

Roof cleaning and maintenance is another task that can be dangerous and often very difficult to handle. Our custom aluminum UAV drones were designed with this in mind. Each devices includes the necessary cleaning solutions designed to spray and tackle even the most difficult to access roofs. Our roof cleaning solutions are vinegar-based, and environmentally-friendly. Our expertly crafted UAV devices and eco-conscious solutions help to ensure that no tile is left uncleaned on your roof.

The Benefits of our Custom Aluminum UAV devices:

  • All aircraft are formed and constructed to FAA standards and practices.
  • The platform gives the operator versatility in mounting with good surface area and being able to drill holes.
  • Airframes are constructed with the idea of being light, but durable.
  • The booms top surface area makes mounting electric motors of different makes much easier.
  • The booms can be swung in and out for transportation.
  • The landing gear can be adjusted for different height requirements. If more height is required than standard landing gear, the landing struts can be made to specifications.
  • The whole aircraft can be dismantled and reassembled in less than five minutes.
  • The aircraft is made of 6061-T6 aluminum with a tensile strength of 45,000 psi
  • Weather-proof: Aluminum is not subject to oxidation/rust. It is also water vapor-proof.
  • Aluminum can take a lot of heat, whereas a device made of carbon fiber cannot. Carbon Ciber is a composite construction, where some plastic (polyester resin, epoxy resin, etc) is required to bind the fibers together. All of these resins have different characteristics when heated, but most of them have a Tg (temp at which they start to deform) of 250F. Epoxy that can handle higher heat than that gets both expensive and difficult/dangerous to work with.
  • Aluminum UAV devices retain toughness and hardness
  • Devices are easy to clean with cleaning agents, acids, bases, solvents and steam. Also non-toxic and hygienic.
  • Not sensitive to weather exposure. UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant oxide layer.

Want to learn more about our custom aluminum UAV devices? Contact us today for more information.